Solar Permit Design

We are one of the leading company in designing solar permit plans. Our permit package includes a site plan of the property, a detailed schematic of the proposed solar panel layout, single-line & three-line diagrams for electrical layout & calculations, warning labels, and tech sheets. We provide both Residential & Commercial system permit designs within 6 hours turn around time. Our teams are well aware of National Electric Codes (NEC) and other applicable codes for various AHJs and Home Owner Association (HOA) requirements. We are pretty swift in adapting codes changes and any custom requirements from customer, installer and/or EPCs.

Solar Sales Proposal

Our solar proposals let you educate your customers about solar and quickly configure your solar estimate. We provide both Residential & Commercial system sales proposals within 2 hours turn around time. We highlight production estimate, pricing, return on investment, financing, incentives, Installation overview, Hardware and specification of the system etc. in our detailed sales proposals.

Solar Preliminary Design

Our preliminary design and production analysis reports will help customers to calculate the Annual Production and Shading, and ensure they will be receiving optimal power production. We provide both Residential & Commercial system preliminary designs within 2 hours turn around time. We use AuroraSolar, Helioscope & Scanifly integrated, web based application to simulate the physical layout, power production, offsets and design of your recommended system based on your current information and goals.

As-Built Drawings

Our As Built prelim & permit plan shows the actual installed solar system based on the post installation pictures. We provide As Built Drawings, final prelim & permit designs within 6 hours turn around time. Also, we get them approved by our in house engineering services team.

Engineering Stamp

Our highly experienced professional engineers can help you with permitting, building department review and Professional Engineer Certification as per NEC, NESC, NFPA 70E, IEEE, ANSI and NEMA standards. Our Professional Engineer can review, Sign and Stamp Engineering Plan Sets & provide Reports & Calculations Permit Compliance Letters & Calculations, Power System Studies. We offer in-house Structural & Electrical engineering services for both Residential and Commercial projects within 6-24 Hours.

Interconnection, Permitting & PTO Applications

Our Solar Consultant team help you in further process after engineering stamp, Whether they are submitting interconnection, permitting, monitoring & permission to operate(PTO) applications. We assist in getting permit plan approval from the Utility & AHJ as quick as possible.


At the core of wireless communication lie towers, pivotal in facilitating seamless connectivity. With the surge in mobile phone and internet usage driving advancements in the wireless industry, the need for new telecommunication towers or fortifying existing ones has escalated across the USA. Here at One Place Solar, we boast a wealth of experience in delivering top-notch professional engineering services tailored to the telecommunication sector in the USA. Our adept team of specialists guarantees cost-efficient and eco-friendly designs, meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of our clients. Whether it's rooftops, towers, antennas, mounts, or water tanks, we enhance the value of their assets through our cutting-edge solutions.

EV Charging Station

In this era, the spotlight shines brightly on EV technology and green energy, marking them as the defining themes of the century. Across the globe, nations are swiftly embracing the EV revolution as a proactive measure against the looming threat of global warming and its detrimental impact on our environment. As a formidable alternative to traditional fossil fuel vehicles, EVs have surged in popularity, captivating the world with their promise of cleaner transportation. Countries such as the US are proactively incentivizing electric vehicles to spur greater adoption and foster a more sustainable way of life. Consequently, the demand for EV Charging Design solutions in the USA has experienced a remarkable surge in recent years. One Place Solar steps up to meet this burgeoning need, offering top-tier services in EV Charging Station (EVCS) Designing, ensuring efficient and high-quality solutions for a greener tomorrow.


Work Steps

Our Work Process.


Solar Contractor Onboard

In the Solar Contractor Onboard process, the agreement signing between the company and the contractor marks a crucial step. Once the pricing is set, the contractor can then start sending projects. This structured approach ensures clarity and transparency in the working relationship between both parties, setting the stage for successful and efficient project execution.


Prelim Designing

In the preliminary design process, conducting a production check and shade analysis is crucial. This ensures the best layout is created based on optimal irradiance levels. Once the layout is finalized, it is sent back to the contractor for approval. This step ensures that the design meets all necessary requirements and is ready for implementation.


Permit Designing

Once the preliminary design is approved, the next step is to begin the permit designing process. This involves creating essential documents such as the site plan, electrical diagram, Bill of Materials (BOM), and equipment specifications. Once these are ready, they are sent back to the contractor for approval before moving forward with the stamping process. This process ensures that all necessary details are in place and align with the project requirements.


Engineering Stamps

Once the permit design is approved, our in-house professional engineers conduct thorough structural and electrical reviews. Upon completion, the permit plan is stamped and signed, signaling its readiness for submission to utility companies and the AHJ. This meticulous process ensures compliance with regulations and standards before proceeding further with the project.


Interconnection and Permitting

After obtaining the permit plan stamp, we assist in submitting the interconnection and permitting application to the utility and AHJ. By ensuring that the plans are thoroughly organized and comply with regulations, we aim to facilitate the approval process efficiently.